This plugin is delivered with NopAdvance Core plugin on which this plugin is dependent. You need to install the plugin using the plugin installation guide provided here.

Once the plugin have been installed, you will see the plugin menu under NopAdvance > Plugins > Public API in your nopCommerce admin menu, similar as displayed in the below image.

The plugin menu have four menu items:

  • On Configure page you can configure plugin settings and also enable or disable plugin and it's features.
  • On Applications page you can create and manage applications per store where each application will have their own unique API key.
  • On Active tokens page you can filter and see active customer's for each application. You can also choose to revoke one or multiple customers on this page.
  • On Debug log page you can see all requests and their response in a tabular manner if debugging is enabled in plugin configuration.

Detailed description about above explained menu items are described in the next pages.