1. Use the same or separate image banner / slider for desktop and mobile respectively at the same place.
  2. Display a slider / banner in desktop but hide in mobile or display in mobile but hide in desktop.
  3. The slider(s) / image(s) can be published on any page with widget zones. Similarly if a widget zone exists on multiple pages, the slider / image will be displayed on all those pages with the widget zone.
  4. Slider navigation can be easily set like (Arrow, Bullet or Both).
  5. SEO friendly and supports picture title, alternate text.
  6. It allows you to set the redirect URL on click of the images. It also has functionality to open a new browser tab while opening the associated URL.
  7. Supports multi-language in case you want to write alternate text / title in different languages.
  8. Search panel for easy search of slider pictures.


  1. All free version features.
  2. Caching for enhanced performance.
  3. Ability to schedule images in a slider or banner so they can be displayed according to the selected start date and end date. (This feature is very useful when you want to run campaign banners / sliders for a limited time on your nopCommerce store).
  4. Limit by stores (multi-store) and customer roles (Limit by customer role(s) helps you to display certain banners / sliders to the customers with selected roles only).


  1. All paid version features are available for 10 calendar days.