Once you click on the Add New button, it will display the Add a new hello bar as shown in the image below.

The setting for adding a new offer are explained below:

  • Payment Method: Select the payment method on which you want to set the reward points. 
  • Points for purchases: Setting set reward points on the amount spent using the particular payment method. 
  • Payment points validity: Setting to set point validity for specific days. 
  • Activate points immediately: Check the option to activate reward points immediately after payment status is paid. 
  • Payment points activation: If the above option is unchecked you can set specific hours or days to activate the reward points.
  • Published: Check this option to publish the offer and get it available for customers. 
  • Offer limited to store: Set the offers for a particular store or kept the field empty to apply the offer for all stores. 
  • Click on the Save button to apply changes.