To manually add a product to the above displayed quick order form, the customer needs to type the SKU of that product and once the customer leaves the SKU field, they will be asked for quantity. The system does not supports any negative quantities.

The same happens in the case of Paste items page and Upload excel file.

If a product have product attributes then you will see an option on the product line item similar to displayed in the image below to select product attributes for that product.

Quick order page attribute

Once you click on Select Product Attributes button, it displays the pop-up similar to image displayed below to allow customer to select product attributes for this product.

Quick order product attribute

Upon save, it will display selected product attributes with the product line item as displayed in the image below.

Quick order attribute selected

Once you have added a list of products in the quick order form using manual method / Paste items page / Upload excel file methods then you can either add them to the cart using ADD TO CART button or add them to your wish-list using ADD TO WISHLIST button respectively.

The Delete icon in each row asks for a confirmation if a row is not blank and it deletes the current row only. Similarly the CLEAR ALL button asks for confirmation if at least one row is filled and it replaces whole form with blank rows.

The ADD ROWS button allows a customer to add as many rows in the quick order form as per their need.

The quick order form also displays an error if a wrong SKU is entered as displayed in the image below when an SKU does not exists for a product in the system.

Quick order wrong sku