1. Option to display the quick order menu item in the main site menu.
  2. Supports multi-store configuration.
  3. Option to add multiple products to the cart or wish list from the quick order page.
  4. Manual form filling on the quick order page.
  5. Products with product attributes are supported.
  6. Product attribute combinations with different SKUs are supported.
  7. Associated products with Grouped products are supported.
  8. Multiple quantities and product quantity validation supported.
  9. “Clear all” option to delete all rows at once.
  10. Theme-able architecture, i.e. you can easily add support for your nopCommerce store theme without having to modify original style-sheets.
  11. Limited to role configuration. 
  12. Support Multi-language configurations. 
  13. SEO panel for defining Se-name, Meta title, Meta keyword & Meta description.
  14. Display only published products in quick order. 
  15. Direct link to the quick order URL from configuration page. 


  1. All free version features.
  2. Paste or write details on the paste items page to add items to the quick order page.
  3. Excel file import to add items to the quick order page.


  1. All paid version features are available for 10 calendar days.