This page can be accessed from the quick order page by clicking on the Upload excel file link as displayed in the image below.

Quick order excel menu item

Once you click on the link, a popup will be displayed over the quick order page to upload the excel file as displayed in the image below.

Quick order excel popup

In the excel upload pop-up, you get an option to download a sample file. The sample excel file content is displayed in the image below.







The excel file contains two columns, SKU and Quantity. To use an excel file, the customer must write Product SKU and desired quantity in the downloaded excel file or the customer can make a similar excel file themselves.

The customer then needs to browse and select the prepared excel file by clicking on Choose File button and click on IMPORT button to finish the import. Once the excel file is imported, the product(s) with respective quantity will be added to the quick order grid on the quick order page.