Once you click on the Configure menu item, It will display the configuration page as shown in the image below.

The above settings are explained below:

  • General: 
    • Multi-store configuration for: Admin can configure the settings per store or common for all stores so the plugin features can work accordingly per store as per configuration on this page.
    • Enabled: You can enable the quick order plugin for specific or all store(s) using this setting.
    • Include in top menu: Enabling this setting will display "Quick order" menu item in the main website menu.
    • Display only published products: Enabling this setting will display only published products on the quick order page. 
    • Limited to customer role: Select a customer role for whom you wish not to display the quick order page. 
    • Quick order page URL: URL which will redirect the admin user to the Quick Order page. 

  • SEO
    • Se name: Set Sename for quick order plugin which will be displayed on the store link. 
    • Meta title: Set meta title for the quick order plugin. 
    • Meta keyword: Set meta keyword for quick order plugin. 
    • Meta Description: Set meta description for quick order plugin.