Once you click on the Add New button, it will display the Add a new hello bar as shown in the image below.

The setting for adding a new offer are explained below:

  • Offer name: Write a friendly attractive name for the offer. 
  • Short description: Write a short description of the offer which will be visible with the offer title. 
  • Full description: Write a full description of the offer which will be visible when a user clicked on the read more option.
  • Offer type: Select the offer type from the given option such as assigned to products, assigned to categories, assigned to manufacturers, and Assigned to Vendors. 
  • Offer view: Choose the view style of the offers in between the list and tile view. 
  • Start date: Set a start date for the offer. 
  • End date: Set an end date for the offer 
  • Display order: Assign display order in case of multiple offers. 
  • Published: Check this option to publish/unpublish the offer. 
  • Limited to store:  Select any store for which you wish not to display the offer.
  • Limited to customer role: Select a customer role for whom you wish to display the offer.
  • In the end, don’t forget to Save all your settings.