1. Home page with the carousel at the top of the homepage. Category and feature list bottom and navigation on the home page. 
  2. Category page with sorting product, filter option, used lazy loader for scrolling page and product displaying. 
  3. Search page with the responsive search field, search by category, subcategories, and product description. 
  4. Product Detail Page with product details, attribute picker, slider for product images, related products list, and support for a simple and grouped product. 
  5. The shopping cart includes a list of view of added products, update and delete of products, coupon code, and checkout attribute available.
  6. The checkout page from the application can be done with one-page checkout and multi-page checkout. 
  7. Different payment methods are accepted. 
  8. Default customer registration and newsletter subscription while registering. 
  9. My account page with language selector, currency selector, tax selector, customer information page, wishlist, downloadable products list, order history, product reviews, 
  10. Order page with purchase order details, order status, ability to download order receipt, and re-order button. 
  11. Customer wishlist page with add, edit, delete, move items from wishlist and sharing of their wishlist.
  12. Compare the product page with compare details of two chosen products.