nopSuite nopCommerce mobile application is a real-time demo of nopCommerce front-end architecture. This application uses Flutter Version 2.2.1 and Dart version 2.13.1. The minimum supported versions are Android 5.0 and iOS 12.1. Many nopCommerce features are covered in the application, below is the list of features in nopSuite nopCommerce mobile Application.

Home Page

  1. Image slider added on the top of the homepage. 
  2. Preview sections for categories on the homepage
  3. Section for listing feature products on the homepage. 
  4. Bottom Navigation Bar for switching to other pages. 

Category page

  1. Sort products by Position, Name, Price, & Created on.
  2. Filter products option with specification attribute, it can be defined as per the owner’s choice. 
  3. Used Lazy loader for scrolling the page and product displaying. 



  1. Responsive search field.
  2. Advance search by categories, subcategories and product description.
  3. Filter products option with specification attribute on search page for easy access to their product.


Product Detail Page

  1. Button for compare products, add to cart & to wishlist buttons
  2. Image Slider for available product image.
  3. Product details such as name, price, availability and description are visible on the PDP page.
  4. Attribute pickers like dropdown, checkmark, switch button & radio button for choosing color, size or any other specifications.
  5. Slider for related product list.
  6. Sliders for customers also purchased a product list.
  7. Single and group products both are supported. 


Shopping cart

  1. Products in shopping carts are visible in list format with attribute list and payable product price. 
  2. Option to delete the products individually. 
  3. Quantity update for individual products. 
  4. Shipping estimation is available on the start page. 
  5. Gift wrapping option available as a part of the checkout attribute. 
  6. Textbox available for adding codes for discount and gift card to receive concession on total payable amount. 
  7. Payable amount details added such as sub-total, shipping, discount, tax and order total. 
    • If reward points are enabled the details of what you will earn will be mentioned in the payable amount details. 
  1. Switch button for terms of service. 
  2. Pop-up for terms of service. 


Checkout Page

  1. The checkout process in nopSuite application is similar to default nopCommerce. 
  2. One page checkout and multi-page checkout is available in the application.
  3. Different kinds of payment methods are supported in the application. 
  4. Automatic skipping of the subsequent step.
  5. Checkout by guests is possible.
  6. Spend your reward points on purchase.

One Page Checkout: 


Multi-Page Checkout: 




  1. Customer registration similar to default nopCommerce is available in the application. 
  2. Newsletter subscription while registration. 
  3. User login and email verification. 
  4. Password recovery. 


My Account Page

  1. Language selector where customers can select their preferred language. 
  2. Currency selector when the business deals with global customers. 
  3. Tax Selector where customers can choose the option to see price with tax and without tax.
  4. Customer info page that includes information like customer gender, first name, last name, birthdate, email address, company details and newsletter. The customer can make changes in the information and click on the save button.
  5. Customers can add, edit and delete their address on this page. 
  6. Update user information.
  7. Manage customer address.
  8. User wishlist
  9. Option to see downloadable products.
  10. Reward points.
  11. Product reviews.


Order Page

  1. Order page which includes all the order placed details. 
  2. When clicked on a particular order, it will take you to the order detail page which will include details of order placed. 
  3. Order status, payment status, shipping status.
  4. Users can print and download Invoice PDF. 
  5. If a user wants to reorder the product, the reorder button is available at the bottom of the order detail page. 



  1. Add, update and delete your wishlist.
  2. Move wishlist item to cart from wishlist.
  3. Email and share a wishlist to your friends. 

Features to add in the next version: 


  1. Customer registration via Mobile Phone.
  2. SMS authentication.
  3. Auto-filling while authentication.
  4. Resend option when OTP is not received the first time. 

Push Notification

  1. Notification of customer email validation.
  2. Welcome notification for customers who registered.
  3. Notification of canceled customer orders.
  4. Notify customer order completion.
  5. Notification of customer order payment.
  6. Notification of customer order placement.
  7. Notify customer order refund.
  8. Delivery notification for a shipment.
  9. Send notification of shipment.
  10. Campaign notification on schedule.
  11. Back in stock notification. 
  12. Order paid customer notification. 
  13. Product review reply customer notification. 
  14. Recurring payment canceled customer notification. 
  15. Shipment tracking notification.