To request support from us, you need to send following information to our email address [email protected]

  • Product name: Name of the theme or plugin for which you need support.
  • Product version: You can find product version on the Configuration > Local plugins page in nopCommerce admin. The product version is written as "Version" under "Additional info" column in the plugin list.
  • NopCommerce version: The version of your nopCommerce website.
  • Order number: The order number from the order that you placed while ordering the product on our website before downloading it.
  • Issue description: Description of the issue for which you are requesting support.

Please note, all above information is mandatory in order to receive support from our product support team. If any information is missing, our product support team may reject your support request.

It would be even better if you could send us screenshots of issue that you are facing because that will help us to understand your problem in a more precise way which will result in a faster and proper response from our product support team.

If you are using Microsoft Windows Operating System, then you can also use PSR.EXE to record problem and send us the file which is generated after recording problem or you can choose to make a video and describe your issue so you can share it with our product support team on the above mentioned email address.