1. With unlimited wishlists, the customers can create multiple wishlists on the public store.
  2. Remove products manually from wishlists.
  3. Personalized comments/notes in wishlist products.
  4. Personalized wishlist name(s).
  5. Pagination and provide settings to define page sizes in the plugin configuration.
  6. There should be two buttons, "Clear all wishlists" and "Clear wishlist". Where the “Clear all wishlists” will remove all the items from all the wishlist and the “Clear wishlist” button will remove all the items from the particular wishlist.


  1. All free version features.
  2. Products can be copied and moved from one list to another.
  3. Setting to display wishlist(s) under the left side navigation section in your nopCommerce store.


  1. All paid version features are available for 10 calendar days.