1. Store owners can create multiple popups for their nopCommerce store.
  2. Checkbox for keeping a pop-up active or inactive. 
  3. A textarea for adding content for the popup. 
  4. Set a background color for your popups.
  5. Limited by Stores (multi-store) helps you to display certain popups for selected stores only.
  6. Checkbox for displaying newsletter subscription box on popup. 


  1. All free version features.
  2. Set a background picture for your popups. 
  3. The setting for scheduling the Popups. (This feature is very useful when you want to run a pop-up for a limited and scheduled time on your nopCommerce store.)
  4. Limited By Customer roles helps you to display certain popups for the selected customer roles only.
  5. Checkbox for displaying a pop-up in an event of abandoned cart.
  6. Checkbox for displaying the popup only once otherwise the store owner can set a timer for displaying pop-up at certain intervals of time. 
  7. Checkbox for allowing customers to opt-out of popup. 


  1. All paid version features are available for 10 calendar days.