Once you clicked on Add New button, it will display the Add a new hello bar as shown in the image below.

The settings on add a new hello bar is explained below: 

  • Name: Define a friendly name for the Hello Bar. 
  • Widget zone: Select the widget zone to display the Hello Bar on the public store.
  • Content: Add description for hello bar. You can also add clickable links in the description of Hello Bar. 
  • Marquee enabled: Check to enable marquee for the hello bar. 
    • Marquee direction: Once Marquee is enabled, you can define the direction for marquee flow from the options available. 
  • Background color: Set background color for the Hello Bar. This would help you to highlight your content. 
  • Height: Define the height for the hello bar. (Note: Add height in pixel.)  
  • Start date: Select the start date and time to publish the hello bar on your nopCommerce store.
  • End Date: Select the end date and time to end the hello bar on your nopCommerce store.
  • Display order: Add the display order of the hello bar for the public store.
  • Published: Check for publishing and unpublishing Hello bar.
  • Limited to stores: Select any store for which you wish not to display a Hello bar.
  • Limited to customer roles: Select a customer role for whom you wish not to display a Hello bar. 
  • In the end, don’t forget to Save all your settings.